The Lost Art of Writing

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nobody ever sends me letters anymore. I get the occasional thank you note (mostly from my family) but that's it. I'm really setting this up for you. Pick a card from the choices below. Buy it. Write on it. Mail it to someone. Repeat as necessary. Stop the texting and start writing!
For your word nerd boyfriend:

The Scrabble letters in combination with the random phrases is indie-fab. Scrabble Notes from Bearpaw Paper.

For your mom, who always reminds you to mail your checks in safety envelopes:

Who's safe now, Mom? Safe and chic! Who knew you could do both? Because that bike helmet you made me wear around the neighborhood? Not chic. Letter envelopes from Henrietta Swift.

For that couple you hang out with that treats their dog like a real baby:

This card says, "See? I love dogs just as much because I bought notecards with dogs on them. But that still doesn't mean mine will be sleeping in my bed." Underdog Notecards from Hooray for the Underdog!
For your sarcastic friend with the really good sense of humor:

I spent a good 20 minutes reading all of the cards from this company because they are hil-ar-i-ous. Just don't send them to somebody that gets offended easily. No, that would be bad. Sentimental Journeys Card from Pretty Bitter.

For your honey on your anniversary- or any other random day:

These are so sweet and pretty and perfect for Valentine's Day (even though that's a loooooong way off). L-O-V-E Pack of 2 from MadeByGirl.

For someone snobby that would be impressed by something like expensive notecards:

If you need to get serious about note-sending, you need serious tools. Wardrobe Stationery makes custom stationery that will take your breath away. And the breath of that snobby witch up the street.

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