Going to the Chapel

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

During my daily blog read-a-thon, I came across a contest at Coco+Kelley and I think it's fantastic. Why? 1. Contests are fun and bring out my extremely suppressed competitive side. 2. Weddings are also fun and bring out my girly side (which is never suppressed). 3. Inspiration boards are my specialty as I have books and books of pictures whose sole purpose is to inspire me. Therefore, this contest has everything I need.

Here are the rules: pick one of the 36 rooms chosen for the contest and design a wedding inspiration board around it. Dress, flowers, location, you name it. She even has cool prizes for the winner!

So, add to your to-do list- Pick a picture (the three here are all good options!), design your dream wedding, and submit it to Coco+Kelley. Of course, check out her blog for more information!

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