Brilliant Book of the Week:

Monday, August 18, 2008

When I'm invited to someone's home for a small dinner party or gathering, I always take a peek at their library if possible. I like to see what people are interested in and what books take up their free time, I think it can tell you alot about them.

Of course, as a good host/hostess, you tell your guests to feel at home in your home so the most important books are the ones you choose for your coffee table--considering these are the most frequently flipped through when waiting for your cocktail. Fret not my friends, I have found yet another fantastic book to add to your coffee table collection!

Check it out!

"The Most Beautiful Gardens in the World" Photography by Alain Le Toquin

What better to have while you are entertaining than a book with GORGEOUS photographs of the most beautiful gardens in the world? From the United States to France, Italy to Japan or Singapore, this book is loaded with potential conversation starters. Cozy villas in Florence, Versailles in the winter, moss covered stairways in Germany, marble windows surrounded by lush, exotic greenery in the Garden of the Surging Waves--just describing them doesn't do the book justice. So it's up to you whether you want to throw Great Expectations, Moby Dick, or Les Miserables on that table...I'd prefer a picture book! ;)


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