PR5 Report: Episode Three: Now With More Leatha!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

So Stella finally got her hands on her beloved leatha! Hooray!

Last night's episode was (I thought) more interesting than previous episodes in terms of fashion. We really got more of an idea of what everyone's style is than before. I mean, really, how much can you show off when you're working with groceries? This episode has done well to confirm my choices for the top three. I'm still banking on Kenley (so obviously a judge's favorite and a producer's favorite judging by the amount of airtime she gets), Joe (still the underestimated competitor, he solidly delivers quality albeit not eye-catching work), and Terri (who finally got her chance to shine with the backless number last night).

From left: Kenley's winner, Joe's, and Terri's.

The dismissal of Emily was quite surprising. I thought the judges would favor her tacky-but-well-made design over Jennifer's boring-and-badly-executed dress any day, but apparently I was wrong.

More third persona from Suede. At this point it's wearing extremely thin. I don't care if he designs better than Karl Lagerfeld at this point. The way he talks is so distracting I can't concentrate on what he makes! So stop it already!

Leanne's design and Korto's.

But there were plenty of great designs shown in this episode. Leeanne produced a fantastic little skirt and blouse combo to make up for the disaster that almost got her auf'd last week. Way to bounce back! There was much mention of Korto's sexy black jumpsuit, but I loved it. The jumpsuit is dangerous territory but she pulled it off fabulously. Of course, it helps when a 5'10" glamazon is wearing it.

Once again, see all the pictures at the official Project Runway site, and check out Entertainment Weekly's spot on commentary.

Auf Wiedersehen!

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