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Monday, June 02, 2008

I just got back from the most relaxing vacation in San Jose. Nothing but a long weekend of sun, family, and good wine! From the second I stepped off the plane, I noticed a few differences in this sunny state. For example: When my sister and I pulled into her driveway, I noticed a large assortment of trash bins. When you live in a city where many neighborhoods still don't recycle, seeing so many recycling bins is an interesting sight. So, here is the deal with the trash bins. Each house has two (yes, two!) giant blue recycling bins. Obviously, recycling is smiled upon in California. Then each house also has two large bins for yard waste like grass, leaves, and branches (maybe for making mulch?). Finally, each household receives one smaller bin for everything else. And that is it for the week. So, if you don't recycle, you will be struggling with your garbage!

I thought this whole concept was pretty interesting and I wish my neighborhood made it easier to recycle. I would recycle a lot more than I do now, if I didn't have to lug everything to their respective bins all the time. And until I moved out on my own, I didn't realize how much trash one person can produce! I think I've found a solution to reduce the amount of waste I put out. While perusing my Daily Candy, I found the NatureMill Indoor Composter. It will fit in a standard cabinet (perfect for apartment dwellers like myself), uses little energy for its composting adventures, and doesn't emit a stench of rotting food.

That will take care of all of the junk mail, leftovers that nobody ate, and those cookies I made, then felt guilty about eating, so I had to throw them away. Two weeks later, I will have a nutritous fertilizer for my porch plants and probably extra for the planters by my complex's pool! I like to share the wealth, after all.

After that, it's just glass and plastic and I'll be an Eco-heroine! Easy as pie!

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