Faux Bois for Mois!

As our world heads away from the space age to the more earthy eco-chic, the entire aesthetic of design has shifted. Not only do accessories have to be environmentally healthy, but it helps if they look the part as well. I know I've already write a couple of blogs on hot faux bois accessories on the market, but with so many great new options coming out, yet again, I can't limit myself! I have to do justice to the faix bois.

Michael Aram for Waterford: Crystal Pitcher $325 and Medium Lidded Box $95

Bronze Sapling Serving Utensils $70 (at High Fashion Home)

Nobilis: Papier Bois

Chilewich: Woodgrain Floormats

Twig Table $329 (at High Fashion Home)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seeing that lovely crystal water pitcher reminds me of another product I just saw on moco loco. The KOR water bottle is FABULOUS....I think you should feature it. Sexy and good for the planet.

June 27, 2008 at 2:21 PM  

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