The HF List: High Point 2008: Best of Occasional Tables

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What is there to say about occasional tables? Do they rise to the occasion when they are needed for drink holding? Do they celebrate the occasion during the holidays? Do they occasionally bore you to death? These occasional tables certainly will not. Read on...

I think the reason I like so much is it reminds me of an antique fridge my parents have in their living room that is used as their liquor cabinet. It has a couple spaces for storing food and one small space on the bottom for a block of ice to keep the food cold. How cool! So anyways, this chest/armoire thing reminds me of that. When it came to our store, it turned out to be much larger than I expected, but it's adorable nonetheless.

I like the look of combining two materials into one piece like this inlaid coffee table. Two contrasting finishes mean a more versatile piece for you. And, while they shape itself is plain, the contrast adds interest.

Another piece I fell in love with when it arrived at our store. I just love the unique shape of the corner doors. This would be perfect for a large entryway or a dining room. Say goodbye to your boring rectangular buffet and bring this in...

Unless the rectangular buffet happens to be this! Mirrors make a buffet lively and make your room look larger by adding depth. Another vintage modern piece that strikes gold!

Speaking of vintage modern, the white laquered top on this bar table would be perfect if you're looking to inject a little 60's into your home. Personally, I've been hoping to find the perfect white laquered piece to bring into my eclectic apartment for a while now and this just might be it...

Or I could forgo that and bring this in! Now this is a well done ottoman. Ignore the fabric if you don't like zebra because you can choose from, like, a bajillion fabrics. The delicate turned legs, sophisticated tufting, and extra large size make it perfect for that boudoir you've been working on! I would lounge on it with one of those long cigarette holders in my mouth blowing smoke rings... if I smoked... which I don't because it's gross.

For the final installment: Best of the Random Things That Don't Really Have A Home, But Are Great Anyways And I Have To Show Them To You. (I'll think of an alternative title before I publish that one.)

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