The HF List: High Point 2008: Best of the Sofas

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Well, tomorrow took a bit longer than I expected. You know how it is, things get busy, new furniture comes in , and before you know it, tomorrow turns into a week. I haven't forgotten about the High Point Previews. At long last, here are the best sofas from High Point 2008:

Dost mine eyes deceive me? Could this be the Keaton disguised in a slipcover? Um, yes it could. Sure, the nailheads are gone, but the frame remains, and it looks casual and beachy draped in a slipcover as opposed to the traditional, formal upholstered Keaton. Nice move, Mitchell and Bob.

Simply clean. No frills. No extra details. Just a plain jane sectional awaiting the fabric of your choice to gussy it up for the ball, ahem, I mean, for the journey to your living room. If simplicity is what you crave, this one will do the trick.

What a pretty little sofa. All tailored and preppy. Perfectly coordinated pillows right down to the matching welt. If your style is more Ralph Lauren than Alexander McQueen, sit your prim posterior in this perfect piece. If you do, I promise not to hit you with that much alliteration again for a long time.

A sharp base and slouchy cushions make this one the perfect family sofa. Three squishy cushions are just made for jumping (while the parents have their backs turned). Everyone can snuggle up while watching Enchanted and scarfing down popcorn. Nailheads add enough class to entertain the poshest of visitors. It's the best of both worlds.

I'm not quite sure who the guy above is, but hopefully he's thinking to himself, "My this is a comfortable sofa. I must pick one up immediately! To High Fashion Home I go!" Okay, so more likely he's thinking about what to pick up for dinner. But this sofa does look comfy. The overstuffed seat! The sloppy chic slipcover! The headrestable arms! Take this guy's word for it: It's fantastic.

Monday's High Point Preview: Best of Occassional Tables.

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