The HF List: High Point 2008: Best of the Rest!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

For my final installment, I'd just like to show y'all a few things that really caught my eye. Market is a time when people bring out their best creations. For some companies, that is the new "It" sofa. For others, it is something creative and wacky that they just had to create. But whatever it is, market is a time for showing off. Here are my favorites:

I am obsessed with this ottoman. I know my Weekly Obsessions are usually things that I see in the store, but I am still obsessed with this ottoman- just from the pictures. It's the perfect size for coffee table use, the fabric is so cool and fresh in a vintage way, and the legs are the icing on the cake. I may have to hunt this one down if it doesn't come to our store.

Talk about urban cowboy. This rug is just awesome. Squares of hide patched together to create a hide over rug look. Pure genius.

I don't think this picture does this desk justice. But put this desk in a room with white walls and delicate slipcovered sofas and something magic happens. Great for a beach inspired home.

We already have a piece similar to this one in our store, but the antique white finish doesn't have the bang that the dark finish with pink interior piece does. You can even use this piece as an inspiration for something you already have.

Antiqued mirror is my best friend lately. I would love to put the Donnabella Chest in my entryway with this mirror over it. Too much? I think not.

While I wouldn't consider myself modern by any means, I love adding modern touches to my home and this light fixture would be a nice addition. It looks ethereal with the light streaming through the slits. Hot mod!

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