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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It is that time of year to start planning your summer vacations. I happened to find a nice little deal that is offering. Basically, if you book your hotel by May 31st for travel through the end of July, you will get $20-$100 back via mail-in rebate on a 3+ night booking.


  • Get $20 off with a 3-night booking.
  • Get $30 off with a 5-night booking.
  • Get $50 off with an 8-night booking.
  • Get $75 off with a 10-night booking.
  • Get $100 off with a 12-night booking.

If you are having a hard time dreaming up of the perfect hotel to visit, here is my suggestion: The Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok. It is the number 3 ranked luxury hotel according to Travel + Leisure. Feast your eyes on some the luxury amenities and interior designs the hotel offers.

Somerset Maugham Suite: The beds and double wide chaise are unreal!

The Royal Ballroom

The Oriental Suite - Living Room: I like the accent chairs with the button tufts.

The Spa: Yes, the lily pads look real!

China House


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