The Human Element

Monday, April 14, 2008

Don't know the date? Everybody's looking at it.

I was doing a bit of blog surfing this morning. It started with my usual morning routine of Daily Candy arriving in my inbox. One of the blogs reminded me of something I wanted to look at on Domino's website. From there I found a new (for me) blog called "A Girl & Her Polaroid" which I promptly bookmarked and will visit often. On her site, I finally came to "The Human Calendar", which is, in fact, the reason for this entry. And let me tell you- it was no easy task remembering each link in the chain that brought me to "The Human Calendar". Basically, it just beats the pants off of your standard day planner. I mean, no you can't actually make you to do lists or have a little alarm that goes off when you need to be somewhere, but look at it! It's your calendar, Brady Bunch style, with a group of people (you might know one of them) holding the dates. So next time you need to know the date, forget your cell phone and check It'll at least start your day off with a little grin.

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