Wallpaper 3.0: The Rugrat Edition

Thursday, March 27, 2008

If there is anyplace in your home that you can let loose and create the bright, cheery, neon oasis that you've always wanted, it's your kids room. When they're babies, they really have no opinions, so it's all up to you. No sharp edges and keeping the toys at ground level are really the only requirements!

Nothing against pastel pink paint and My Little Pony borders (okay, so maybe those aren't cool anymore, but I'm not exactly in touch with the toddlers of today), but they've been done. Walls don't have to be just decoration. Make them functional by turning them into another toy for your toddler! Try these three ideas on for size and your kiddo may be too busy playing on the walls to terrorize the cat anymore!

I remember those days when I was a wee lass in Sunday School. My favorite lessons were the ones where the teacher demonstrated the story on feltboard. Now, run with that idea, but make it wall sized. Adhere felt to the bottom half of your wall. Next cut out felt pieces for your kids to bring to life: shapes, numbers, letters, characters... you name it. They can put on productions of Romeo & Juliet on their walls (or more likely- Hanna Montana). They can be creative and learn the basics like their ABC's and 123's in the process!

Another Martha Stewart recommendation. That woman is on top of things! Cover one wall in the child's room with chalkboard paint. Then let their imaginations run wild! When (if) they grow out of it, it's easy to paint over. Martha also has instructions for customizing your chalkboard paint if basic black isn't your thing. Hey, Picasso had to start somewhere right?

Kids like to see that their work in appreciated. But you only have so much room on your fridge and your living room is starting to look like a gallery. Let them display their favorite works of art in their room. Cover a wall with corkboard and they can hang their favorite drawings, good grades, and other treasures. That'll make room for the expensive painting you've had waiting in storage.


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