Brilliant Book of the Week:

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It is official. I have decided to add books worthy for your coffee table. I'm sure everyone has gone through Barnes and Noble's bargain books to find the perfect book and have fallen short of finding it. Eclectorator to the rescue!!

Check it out!

"le Questionnaire de Proust," or (in English) "The Proust Questionnaire," by William C. Carver and Henry-Jean Servat.

This is definitely a book you'll want to invest in. Throw it on your coffee table and let the games begin! The Proust Questionnaire lists a variety of questions, such as "Your idea of happiness," "Your favorite heroine in fiction," "For what fault, have you the most toleration?" "If not yourself who would you be?" Wouldn't you like to know how your friends and family would answer those questions? This book would also be perfect for a new, more hip way to have a guest book at a wedding, or pass it around at a milestone birthday bash. Now go out and buy it--you'll love me for it!

Happy Reading!


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