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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nailheads make the Carmen caliente! By Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

A mark of great craftsmanship is all about attention to detail. It's easy to make a sofa and just call it a day. It's another thing to make a sofa and then make it fabulous. That's where little details make all the difference. Try some of these to punch up your next upholstery challenge.

Nailheads: These little babies offer a bit of sparkle to an otherwise basic sofa. Plus they outline a sofa nicely to show off the shape. Another good point? Nailheads will "macho" up an otherwise feminine sofa creating a nice balance between Mars and Venus.

Theo is regal in red tufted velvet. By Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.

Tufting: Looking for a Victorian sitting room kind of look? Button tufted is your go to detail. Craving something a bit more 21st century? Grid tufting is a subtle detail that looks sleek and modern. (Need a visual? Check out the Gabriel...)

Contrast welt makes Perry perfect! By Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Contrast Welt: Who says you're limited to one fabric? Accent the silhouette of your sofa with contrast welt. It's especially great for beachy furniture. Nothing beats a slipcover in soft blue with white welt! Personally, I think the Reese Sofa, below, would look fantastic with contrast welt on just the base. (Hint, hint Mitchell & Bob!)

The carved wood trim makes Hanna heavenly! At High Fashion Home. 

Carved Wood Trim: Talk about impact! Carved wood with an antiqued painted finish gives a super elegant look to just about any piece. Pair it with a fabric with drama like velvet or silk brocade. Nobody will know you didn't just ship it over from Paris.

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