HF Weekly Obsession: Split Personality

Saturday, February 02, 2008

By day... Clark Kent.

Most of the time, a piece of furniture is just that: a piece of furniture. Beautiful as it may be, multi tasking is not it's forte. Your end table does a great job of holding magazines and drinks, yes, but will it ever morph in an easy bake oven, churning out treats for your famished guests? I dare say, no. Now, take a look at the unassuming cabinet above from Four Hands. Antiqued laquer finish, marble top and ...........

By night... Super Wine Cabinet!!!
Zhang Wine Cabinet, $1159. Aqua or Black. (Call store for more information)

The cabinet has storage for 34 bottles of wine (or tequila or whatever tickles your fancy!), PLUS 40 glasses (so don't skimp on the guest list! You can send my invite c/o High Fashion Home...)! Each door holds 8 stemmed glasses and 3 large bottles. On the left, you have spinning glass racks and on your right, wine storage a-plenty. Not to mention the marble inlaid flip down top so you have plenty of space to play bartender a la Tom Cruise in Cocktail. Your place will most certianly be THE party house. Bungalow 8's got nothing on you. Maybe you should implement a cover charge.


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