Wallpaper 2.0

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We live in an age of choices. When you stroll down an aisle at Kroger, you don't find a couple brands of toothpaste. You find about a thousand. Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating a tad, but it's no secret that we Americans like choices. Looking for a shade of yellow paint? Try 50 of 'em! It's no doubt that with wallpaper making such a strong comeback that our choices would exponentially explode. And, oh! have they. Traditional papers are great, but why not try something you may not have thought of before. Try these options on for size:

Grasscloth: The texture and color variation make solid grasscloths bold, but easy to work with at the same time. It can take on the aesthetic of any room you put it in from the most formal to the easiest casual. One word of warning: keep it minimal. One room is plenty. Any more than that and you run the risk of looking like you live in a tiki hut. Try Philip Jeffries for a beautiful range of colors.

Metallic Wallpaper: There's nothing like a reflective surface to bring out the vanity in you. Metallic paper is all about high drama. I don't think I need to tell you to use this sparingly. It makes a great accent wall. If you decide to paper an entire room make sure you break up the business with furniture, drapes, and some strategically placed art. Try Brocade Home for good options.

Chinese Tea Paper: Another dramatic option. It's more forgiving than most wallpapers as it looks great when the papers overlap each other and make an uneven squares pattern. Place a mirror over it to make it super reflective and add some really colorful art all around it. Interested? Check out this article from Apartment Therapy for assistance.

Collage Walls: This option is one part wallpaper, one part just plain art. Grab some cool vintage posters, tear sheets you've collected, random drawings, and photos. Put it all together in a haphazard manner- the more imperfect, the better. Place your sofa beneath it and you have an instant conversation piece for every party. Not to mention you've already art-ified a wall and saved money on frames! Cest fantastique!

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