Use Every Nook

Monday, January 14, 2008

A firewood nook at Sally Hershberger's Home; House & Garden, August 2007

Even though I live in Houston, and our winter is a tad, um, short (or nonexistent, depending on who you ask), I have fallen in love with the nooks filled with firewood I've seen everywhere. It's kind of like turning chopped wood into a work of art. Even though I can only use my fireplace for a couple months out of the year, I would still love to showcase the collection of firewood that's sitting in my living room. Think about it: you can get the wood out of the way, the mess is contained, but it's still on hand anytime you feel like lighting up! My favorite way to create a fireplace nook? Storing it in a cubby underneath a window seat. It's an easy way to create a nook without knocking out a wall. Functional and fabulous!

A multitasking windowseat: firewood nook and lounge area for puppy; Animal House Style by Julia Szabo

Another nook made the cover of Domino's November 2007 issue

West Elm slipped a nook into a few of their catalogs, too... Now it's your turn!

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