So Hot Right Now: Line Drawings

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chinoiserie Duvet Set by Dwell Studio

Remember those line drawings you did when you were a kid? Think back to the smelly markers and recess years of your life. Bring that inner kid back with the bevy of line drawing products that are coming out lately. Start with the Chinoiserie bedding by Dwell Studio (above). Basic black on white with punches of color make it less girly, more modern and eclectic. It's a bird print even a man could tolerate.

For the funkier child in you, try the revamped sinks from Esther Derkx. It kind of resembles graffiti, but prettier. Of course, most of us aren't in the market for a new sink. I wish I was, but unfortunately, I'm stuck with the chunk of ugly given to me by my apartment complex. So, for people like me, there is also a lovely line drawing vase which won't require construction to display.

Last, but not least, there's the Photoart Frame (not to be confused with the Photo Art clock that I previously raved about)by Umbra. Paint what you want and leave the rest as a line drawing. You'll feel like quite the artist.


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