Name You Should Know: Cath Kidston

Thursday, January 03, 2008

My sisters and I love design. Most times we have very different taste. One is shabby chic, one California casual, one vintage modern, eclectic. But sometimes, on rare occasions, we all fall in love with the same thing. For instance, Cath Kidston. I learned about her through my oldest sister- the shabby chic one. Similar to Rachael Ashwell, the high priestess of Shabby Chic, Cath Kidston employs whimsical retro prints in creating accessories for a modern domestic goddess. She offers ladylike aprons and oven gloves (mitts to those of us on this side of the pond) for Baking Queens, wellies and gardening gloves for Gardening Goddesses, and teddy bears and bibs for Ladies-in-Training. For anyone that likes Shabby Chic or wishes they were living in the forties- this is the website for you!


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