Get Creative This Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chocolates and flowers are nice, yes. Engagament rings are always a nice V-Day surprise. But, if you're not quite headed down that road and/or you need a creative way to get your loving point across (without spending $300 on lingerie- for you or your honey), read on.

Got a flame that happens to be a big gamer like my man? Don't get him a Wii... get him a chocolate Mii! So yes, it is technically chocolate- but it's so cute and the ways to a man's heart is still, last time I checked, through his stomach. Of course, the Wii's are awesome too. Nothing like Wii Bowling to bring a pair together. It's the only sport at which I can beat my Valentine!

Now this is a gift I can personally vouch for. I bought these for my fiance last year and we're still trading them a year later. The massage token are like gold to us. If you're looking for something sweet and inexpensive- these love tokens are a great option. Sure to be the start of some memorable moments.

Silhouettes are hot right now. I've seen them all over decorating magazines, wedding magazines, and fashion magazines. They also make a really personal gift. Enter Karl Johnson- silhouette artist extraordinaire. Just send him a profile picture of your sweetie and you will get a perfect, handcut silhouette to frame and hang. You just brought brownie points to a whole new level.

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