Brilliant Book of the Week:

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Let's admit it. Animals have become an important part of our society. Not only are they considered a great accessory but they've always been man's (and woman's!) best friend. This book is for anyone who has a pet and would like to make their home a little more comfortable for their furry companions yet offer a space that is inviting and not so pet store-ish.

Check it out!

"Animal House Style" by Julia Szabo.

This is an excellent resource for anyone with any pet. It's annoying having to use those tacky scratching posts for your cat, instead go out and purchase a raffia or jute rug with a lot of texture, that way your cat will be happy and your room will have a natural design element. Get an old foot stool or low table at a yard sale, cut large enough holes to hold two bowls with a lip, paint or stain it to match your decor and you've got yourself a stylish new accessory and a happy pet! I'm telling you, this book is definitely worth the purchase. Take my word for it.

Happy reading!!


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