How To: Give Your Presents Punch

We've all heard the saying, "It's what is inside that counts." That holds true for people as well as presents. But take heed of what your mother told you (okay, nagged you), "You only get one first impression!" Instead of the same ol' snowman wrapping paper with gold curly-cues tied on, present your presents properly.

Clockwise from top left: Silk Taffeta from High Fashion Home, Ribbon & Pinecones from Target; Twine cord from Hobby Lobby; Craft paper, tinsel ribbon and bells from Target; Wrapping paper from Target, Ribbon from Hobby Lobby, Ornaments from Club Monaco; Paper, stamp, ink, and pen from Hobby Lobby

Every year I decide on a color theme (last year was black, white, and silver) and stick to it. This will save you the time and effort of having to match the wrapping paper to each person. No more looking for guy-appropriate wrapping paper! And it makes your tree look uber-chic. Add fun extras like tiny ornaments, jingle bells, pinecones, or anything sparkly. Go green and recycle your magazines for wrapping paper and tie with twine. Take a page from Martha Stewart and stamp something festive on plain paper. Mom will be so impressed!

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New HF product: Nathan Sectional

When we were in New York this past August, we saw this sectional at a very well known, high end furniture store. It's absolutely beautiful. They were retailing it for $4300. The sectional was so beautiful that we decided to bring it in ourselves. We will be pricing the exact same sectional at $2449. It's got down-blend seat cushions, sleek stainless steel legs, and a durable, microfiber fabric. Modern furniture that's comfortable. What a novel concept! 


Black is the New Black

Glossy black over beadboard achieves an organic look

With huge windows, the room still looks airy- even with black walls.
Domino: November '07
Many people I encounter are afraid to get too daring with their paint choices. Dark colors are often chucked aside in favor of lighter, more airy colors. Don't get me wrong, I love a bright white room as much as the next person, but there is something about walking into an ebony room that makes me think bold and cozy- not drab and cave-y. 

The three rooms above really did black walls right. When painted over horizontal boards or beadboard, the look isn't so severe. And it's perfect as an accent color with white and gold.
With dark colors, there are rules. Keep the finish glossy- it lightens up the look. Don't try this if you don't have large windows. Small windows will acheive that cave effect- not cozy. Contrast trim will make it so sophisticated. Use white or light grey for the trim. Lovely!


High Fashion's Gone Tempur-Pedic!

Our first Tempur-Pedic has arrived!
All set for you to try it out.

I think she likes it!

Yes, it's true. High Fashion now has nine styles of the Tempur-Pedic mattress for you to try out (on our beautiful beds, no less) and take home!  The Tempur-Pedic is the bed designed to relieve stress and help your body heal as you sleep. These mattress systems are also designed to be allergen resistant. 
Whether you want the Original Bed or the plush Grand Bed, firm or soft, stationary or adjustable, we have your bed in stock and ready to be delivered for free to your home (within Houston). How's that for a good deal? So drop in anytime, we'll have your bed ready for you. Trust me, your back will thank you!


Holiday Gift Ideas

If you are stressing about finding the perfect Holiday gift, you are not alone. During some recent Holiday brainstorming sessions with my confidantes, the one product that comes up again and again is a digital photo frame. Yes, the future is here.

Out of the box, it supports up to 20 photos and has a built-in speaker for MP3 playback. Think slide show, soaring grand music, and sentimental moments galore. The product design is outstanding. It just looks like an Apple LCD.

Outside of buying a dozen gift cards this Holiday Season, I guarantee that someone close to me is getting this gift. Merry Christmas.

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Brilliant Book of the Week:

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Get your weekly dose of style reading with my Brilliant Book of the Week! Out of the millions of books on the market it can be quite a task deciding between The Best of Martha Stewart Living: How to Decorate and Barnes and Noble's decor bargain books. This weekly posting will help you pick out the best of the best, leaving you with great ideas and (eventually) a beautiful home!

Check it out!
"Styles: Compendium of Interior," written by Francois Baudot.

Not only are the pictures and history excellent but the fact that it was more informative than my History of Interiors textbook at school left me awe-struck. This 432 page book breaks down the history of interior decor from the Medieval era to the twentieth century. This great piece of literature can help place that odd chair sitting in the garage from great Aunt Petunia. Also, it's great for themed decorating--displaying over 250 illustrations to reference. So after using this brilliant book, you'll have knowledge that will knock your neighbors socks off!

Happy reading!!

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HF Weekly Obsession: The Gilded Age

Want to make your room look regal? Try a gilded mirror! It doesn't have to be relegated to the dining room you use once a year. Put it in your bedroom over a simple vanity so you feel extra fancy while getting ready in the morning. I've seen these everywhere lately (Pottery Barn also has an elegant version), but my absolute, hands down favorite is the exquisite Versailles Arched Mirror from Four Hands. It literally sparkles every time I walk past it! You may not be Marie Antoinette, but you can still have a bit of Versailles in your home.


Asian Floral Sensation

from Domino's November '07 issue

from Metropolitan Home's December '07 issue

It's common to see the same piece of furniture in several magazines (Ghost Chair, anyone?), but it's rare to see a fabric used in a variety of magazines, in a variety of ways. I've seen this same Asian floral fabric used for pillows, drapes, and wallpaper. The good news is that we have it here at High Fashion Home. The better news is that it's only 18 bucks per yard! Take a cue from these magazines and use it for pillows or drapes. Up the adventurous ante and upholster an accent chair with it. No matter what you use it for, it's a stylish and surprisingly neutral fabric to work with. Oh, and for those of you not in Houston, I have the best news of all: we ship.

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How To: Decorate Your Walls Without Art

If you're like me (which I suspect you are), you do not have a Warhol hanging in your foyer. Nor do you have Picasso in your playroom or Degas in your dining. Especially when you are young and just starting out, art can be something that is priced well out of your range. While you need a place to sleep and a table on which to eat, you don't need art. However, blank walls are no fun to look at! Fret not! There are options. You just need to get a bit creative. Try these three ideas on for size:

picture from
Put up some wall shelves (I got some from Ikea and painted them black) and pack them with everyday items. Big, pretty cocktail books facing forward can look like art. Fill in with regular paperbacks. Add your favorite knick knacks and voila! Instant art!

picture from
Maybe you want to make the space personal. A photo collage is easy, but try giving it some punch. Print the pictures in black and white and hang them on a bright wall. Vary the size and style of the frame you use, but keep them all the same color. Then, add block letters in the spaces to represent everyone in the family (or just you). Try Anthropologie for cool block letters to add to your wall. Tres chic!

picture from
Don't leave the creation of art just to artists. Frame your own art: start with pieces of pretty fabric, wallpaper (like the one above from Nama Rococo), or pages from books. Pick up a paintbrush and make bold, colorful brushstrokes on a canvas. Take pictures of interesting places while on vacation. Just frame and you're done!
Here's a quick tip for framing. You don't have to spend a fortune. Hobby Lobby frequently offers 50% off of all of their frames- including custom. You'll never want to pay full price again! Instead of getting something custom framed, just buy a larger frame than the piece of art and get a mat cut to surround it. It's a much more budget conscious way to get a custom look.

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How To: Set Your Holiday Table

Oh, the holidays. A time of family togetherness, mounds of presents, and a heap of stress over creating and serving perfect meals. I can't whip up a pie for you or baste your turkey, but I can give you ideas for making your dinner table beautiful this year. Whether you are throwing an elegant and formal soiree for fifty, creating an artistic and modern dinner for friends, or reigning in the kids for an evening with the fam- we've got the table for you.

The holidays are certainly a time to bring out the good china- why let it sit in storage all year? Make your neutral china festive with red accents and a bowl full of bright ornaments. Don't forget the champagne!

Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean your table has to explode with red and green! Try a subdued celadon and a candlelit centerpiece to create a romantic and cozy table. Instead of fabric, use folded paper for the placemat and add a matching origami stork. It may not be traditional, but that doesn't mean it's not beautiful!

There's nothing quite like Christmas with kids around- waiting for Santa and his reindeer, frosting cookies, and decorating the tree. So when it comes to the table, keep things whimsical. Instead of a tablecloth, use black butcher paper and give the kids chalk so they can draw while the adults chat. Make an easy centerpiece by stacking up small wrapped gifts. It's better than pumpkin pie- almost!

All dishes, flatware, and glassware from Crate & Barrel.

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HF Weekly Obsession: It's A Mod World

Here at High Fashion we don't just carry your average furniture. We have so many pieces that will make a big impact in your home- pieces that will make people say, "Where did you get that amazing (insert amazing piece of furniture here)?!" As a blogger, I feel it is my duty to bring these amazing pieces to your attention.

This week I'm obsessed with the Pure Side Table by Directions. This ultra mod table is glossy white lacquer with striated zebra wood drawers and funky knotched pulls. Two of these will flank your sofa perfectly and add a hint of the 60's to your 21st century living room. If you prefer, there is also a media stand and a coffee table available. While some tables can lose their appeal to overdesign, this table is about as simple as it gets, letting the contrasting finishes speak for themselves. With that in mind, the name is very appropriate. Simple, Pure design.

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Name You Should Know: Madeline Weinrib

It's the age old question discussed by men for eons: why do women have so many throw pillows everywhere?! If they got a look at the pillows from Madeline Weinrib Atelier, maybe they would understand. Featured countless times in the most popular design magazines, Weinrib's designs are fashion forward, but vintage inspired. She has so many colors and intricate designs that it's impossible not to find one for your home. For something so small, she's onto something big.

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Great Walls of Fabric

From the November issue of Metropolitan Home

An elegant alternative to wallpaper at the home of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

There are only so many paint colors you can try and wallpapers you can painstakingly install before you are looking for a new easy, but dramatic option. Maybe that is why fabric walls are popping up all over decorating magazines lately. The fabric is not installed flat like wallpaper, but soft like a drape- hanging loosely from a rod to warm the overall look of the room. It's a great look for a loft with high ceilings and rough brick walls to contrast the smooth texture of the fabric. A simple rod pocket or tab top drape will do- pleats and frills will be overwhelming. The result will be cozy and inviting- just in time for winter! Is there anything better?


Specials deals on Upholstered Pieces

Looking for a good sofa before the Holidays? Well, it's here. We just received 85 pieces of upholstery sofas and chairs. These pieces were showroom samples that one of our manufacturers has shown to Crate and Barrel, Room and Board, and Federated furniture buyers over the last 5 years. Unfortunately, they don't have a lot of retail accounts outside of the national guys. Luckily, we are a good fit in the sense that we are an independent store, yet we have a lot of real estate (125,000 SF to be exact) to swallow up all the samples.

They gave us 50% off to buy all their samples, and in turn we are giving all of our customers 50% off regular prices. Now is the time to get a great deal on some beautiful contemporary, mid-century modern pieces.

Normally, this gorgeous 98", velvet sofa costs $2551.50 to special order. It's $1275.75.

Every chair and sofa deserves a home.

These guys are waiting for the right living room to call home.

The Chris Sectional is normally $2944.20 in an E grade fabric. It's now a ridiculous $1472.10.

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Name You Should Know: Susan Bradley

Every once in a while, someone comes out with a product that is so simple, but so genius at the same time. Take, for instance, Outdoor Wallpaper by Susan Bradley. She has taken all of the pretty damask patterns that you see in wallpaper and made them weather-proof for your exterior walls. It looks great when it has vines growing through it so that you can only see portions of the pattern, and Outdoor Wallpaper is perfect for homeowners who want to add some punch to their walls.

When you visit her website look at all of the amazing installations she has done. You just might find yourself planting a damask garden...


Barrels of Fun!!!

Pictures from top: Frank Lloyd Wright's original barrel chair, the Yi-Chin Tub chair by EWest, the Winslow chair by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.

Club chairs and chaises have had their time in the spotlight. It is now the season of the barrel chair. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1937, the original barrel chair was constructed of cherrywood and leather for Herbert Fisk Johnson, Jr. The intention behind the design was to create a screen around the coffee table, apparent in the grate design on the back. Wright found the chair to be a challenge in designing something that could be easily manufactured by machines.

These days, Copeland has purchased the rights to the original barrel chair design, but other companies are coming out with their own versions. At High Fashion Home, we have several styles from wooden to upholstered to suit your- and your home's- style, whether you want a style that is true to the original or one that has taken on a new look.

Try a wooden chair in your living room to contrast an upholstered sofa, or fill an empty nook with an upholstered chair, add an end table and a good book, and enjoy!


Maria Yee, Eco Luxury Pioneer



Maria Yee started her company in 1988. Her story is a remarkable blend of courage, ingenuity, and inspiration, which parallels her furniture pieces. Her company is now recognized as the premier brand of Eco Luxury furniture.

Here's some background info on what makes her patent pending BambooTimbre so amazing.

A view of an enormous bamboo sea, which surrounds the Maria Yee factory.

Bamboo shoots, ranging from 30 days young to 4 years old, grow harmoniously in this bamboo forest.

Moso, the bamboo species we use to make our BambooTimbre, thrives in subtropical monsoon climates. This giant reaches 80 feet tall, its maximum height, and 6 inches in diameter in the first growing season. Moso attains full maturity in about 5 years.

Stacks of bamboo culms await processing into BambooTimbre

A BambooTimbre table leg shows how bamboo flats are layered and bonded in defined patterns

BambooTimbre boards constructed with BambooJoinery system

A craftsman hand planes a BambooTimbre tabletop

A finished BambooTimbre dining table shows the silky bamboo grain and texture

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Catalog Shots......

Our team is working hard on our 2008, 64 page catalog. Here is a sneak peak of some photos.

Keep an eye out for our massive website update. We'll include an additional 400 items.

Cody, the photo shoot mastermind from the Butler Bros, is in deep contemplation about the next shot.

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