Trick Out Your Tree 2: Your Ornament Wish List

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sifting through the mounds of ornaments that descend upon your favorite stores during the Christmas season is, at the very least, a challenge. At worst, motive for homicide. Huge proponent of online shopping that I am (Christmas shopping in pajamas!), I've compiled a list of my favorite ornaments this year- all available online. Drumroll please...

10. Dasher, Dancer, and the whole gang (minus a light up red nose) taking a well-deserved break on your tree. Or better yet, hang them from your mantle! Set of four from

9. In general, I just think birds are pretty and this little guy from Anthropologie is one of the cutest I've seen thus far.

8. Like I said, I have a thing for birds. These remind me of my favorite season- Spring. For those of you dealing with blizzards, I'm very sorry, and here is your glimmer of hope. Set of three at

7. Who says ornaments can't be a work of art? This piece is from Jay Strongwater (sold at Neiman Marcus) and it is absolutely exquisite. And at $350, you may not even want to put it on your tree. Just put it beneath a box of bulletproof glass.

6. Raise your hand if you understand the Christmas pickle thing. Congrats, you're one of about two people that get it. Here's the deal for everyone else. The Christmas Pickle is part of an old German tradition where the adults would decorate the tree on Christmas Eve whilst the children slept. In the tree they would hide the pickle. The first child to find it in the morning was deemed the most observant and got an extra present. And now you know. From Sur La Table.

5. Let's face facts. Not every ornament on your tree can be a Strongwater. So, for tree filler, nothing beats these cute pinecones from Crate & Barrel (set of six). What's so great about them? They're pinecones- they belong on a tree!

4. Ornaments don't only have to be made of glass. This tweed owl from Anthropologie was just too adorable to pass up. And he looks very wise.

3. I am declaring Christopher Radko the King of Ornaments. After seeing the Nutcracker at the Houston Ballet again this year, I'm on a nutcracker kick. Radko delivered. His ornaments are handmade with precision and care. Start your collection with this guy!

2. I guess owning this ornament already makes me a bit biased. But, what is Christmas without mistletoe? Real silver-dipped misteltoe? That's what I thought. I ordered mine from Uncommon Goods and have been lurking in doorways ever since.

1. How does the song go? Pear in a Christmas Tree? No? Well, maybe they should change it, because this ornament is perfect. It's got everything I look for in an ornament- sparkle, simplicity, and a price tag under $350. Okay, a price tag under $10. Congrats Pottery Barn, you win! Save one for me- I'm on my way!

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