Make It Your Own (Literally!)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Need a simple, thoughtful gift idea for this holiday season? There's no better way to make some small turn into something spectacular than by monogramming it! And there's no better way to spruce up your home than by monogramming. Just remember: use the monogram sparingly. Otherwise, you'll end up looking like an amnesia patient.

Take an inexpensive set of sheets, mark them with your monogram, and you now have sheets worthy of royalty (at least they look like it). Picture from Pottery Barn

Give your dining chairs some personality next time you reupholster them. Use your full monogram or just your inital. Either way, it adds a swanky touch for very little dough.

Next time you're throwing a dinner party, serve it on some personalized china. I guarantee your guests will be very impressed! To keep it simple, just mark the salad plate, since that one will be visible before the food is added.
Picture from Moss

Here's a nice gift idea: Next time you stay at someone's house, bring them a thank you gift of mongrammed hand towels. It's much more creative than the standard wine or chocolates.
Picture from West Elm


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