How To: Give Your Furniture A Facelift

Monday, December 17, 2007

Let's face it- furniture is expensive. I'm sure we would all redecorate annually if we had the time and money, but who really does? With that in mind, when your armoire gets a bit stale, don't toss it- give it a facelift (without the nasty recovery). A few tweaks and a couple of weekends will take your formerly blah piece to Ooh la la!

Don't give up on it just yet! Even this can be saved!

Step One: The easiest way to change the look of wood furniture is to either paint or stain it. Paint is the simpler of the two, but staining is best when the wood has great texture that you want to show off. Resist the urge to match the paint to something else in the room and pick a completely different color. High-gloss black or white adds punch to a piece. Any paint store can hook you up with the paint you need. Give the piece two coats and let it dry for about a week before you put anything in or on it. Otherwise, you will have some very sticky knick knacks.

More than meets the eye with Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams pieces.

Step Two: I love when there's more to a piece of furniture than meets the eye. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is great at putting in cool little touches like contrasting paint or wallpaper in drawers of their casegoods. Take a page from their book (and they literally do have a book), and add some hidden extras.

Belle Fleur Knob $8, Diamond Gal Knob $6, and Zinnia Large Knob $8- all from Anthropologie

Step Three: Don't forget the hardware! My favorite place to get hooks and knobs is Anthropologie. They have a terrific selection of knobs in every color imaginable. And, feel free to go nuts- knobs are inexpensive and easy to change! Also, if you are revamping a piece that will be used for media equipment, it is always handy to have a hole in the back for cords and ventilation. Hunt down a friend with a drill and cut out a circular hole.

There you have it. Just three easy steps and your furniture is getting a new lease on life. Not to mention your wallet hasn't suffered one bit! Fantastic!

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