How To: Coffee Table-ize Your Ottoman

Monday, December 10, 2007

It is quite true that comfort is absolutely key when it comes to the room you lounge in. You've found your perfect napping sofa, but there are times when you can't take up the entire thing (how dare someone sit on your sofa!). That is when you call in reinforcements: your ottoman. But rather than lugging it around the room every time you feel the need to put your feet up, leave it front and center. Make it pull double duty. Retire your coffee table and bring on the ottoman.

Step One: Dinky ottomans need not apply. Make sure it is large enough for everyone to reach from the sofa. Or, if you're in love with a smaller design, line up two or three. American Leather makes an adorable style called Uno. It has storage space and the top flips over to make a tray for your drinks. How cute!

Step Two: Dress it up. You wouldn't let your coffee table go naked. Same rule applies for your ottoman. Add a tray so that you and your guests have a solid surface for drinks. Include a vase with flowers to give it color. Put out your most artsy cocktail books with an interesting knick-knack on top. Don't get crazy though, or you won't be able to follow the next step.

Step Three: Put your feet up. Make sure there is enough room for the ottoman to do its job- which is helping you relax! Your roomie will thank you for not hogging the sofa.

P.S. Sorry about the poor pictures. They're from my inspiration book which has been with me for eight years, so they're bound to experience some wear and tear! But, hey, you get the gist.


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