Holiday Gift Ideas: New York Times 2007 Holiday Gift Guide

Friday, December 14, 2007

If you are like me, you are still waiting to buy your first gift this Holiday season. Well, I saw this inspirational list via the NY Times: 2007 Holiday Gift Guide. Here are some of my favorites from the list.

Anthropologie's Curator nightstand resembles a stack of frames; $698 from Great look. It's a subtle, statement piece that I think will add some punch to any room setting.

The Cat L.E.D. flashlight is $10 from Everyone has a friend that's a cat-lover for life.

Wall O Photos holds 28 4-by-6-inch pictures. Everyone is always looking to add an element with some height in a room. The Wall O Photos accomplishes that and adds a very personal touch, with great interest. It's only $15.

The Magnet Note Clock is $25 from This is for everyone that does not own a Palm Pilot and forgets to pick up loved ones at the airport.

The Coyote Fur Hammock is $8,225 at CITE, 131 Greene Street, (866) 764-0888. This hammock probably works better in Hamptons. But if anyone is looking to get on the good side of PETA, this is a decadent way to lounge around on a cool Sunday afternoon.

Inside Out liqueur glasses come in a set of two for $55 from Unique look with a classic edge.

The Minnen rocking horse bench is $39.98 at I've got a new nephew, so I'm definitely feeling this affordable/cute piece for the little one.

The Rise and Fall peacock pillow is $30 from Peacocks are actually very aggressive birds. But the pillow, much like their real life counterpart, is a gorgeous piece.

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