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I'm seeing a theme lately and it has nothing to do with Christmas. Plants and birds are everywhere lately and all set to brighten up and Spring-ify your home.

For an easy change, start with the Chinoiserie bedding from Dwell Studio (left). The look reminds me of old botanical prints. It's feminine, but not so precious that a guy couldn't live with it. Pair it with simple grey sheets and a couple throw pillows to break it all up.

Option Two: Go all out and install a lovely, simple floral wallpaper. Anna Dove's "Rose Garden at Night" (right)would make an excellent accent wall. However, she has many more options to fit your taste.

Take a peek in your favorite stores and see what you find. It seems that even with the cold winter upon us, everything is coming up roses (and blue jays, and peonies, and robins....) It feels like Spring just thinking about it.



Anonymous Kara said...

I havn't painted the room yet so my bedding options are still open. I took at look at the website and I really like the cute prints. I'm also really interest in the Windsor Bedding at elegantlinenspc.com/Peacockalleyensembles.htm - does anyone know how these compare in quality? I really want something that will last.

August 2, 2008 at 12:05 PM  
Blogger SarahWithStyle said...

Without seeing the Peacock Alley bedding up close I couldn't tell you for sure, but the bedding from Dwell Studio is great quality. Look at this page from their website for more info on how their products are made... http://dwellshop.com/b2c/ecom/ecomEnduser/eweb/www/FAQ.aspx

August 6, 2008 at 10:37 AM  

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