How To: Trick Out Your Tree

Monday, December 03, 2007

Tree Trimming is my favorite tradition of the season. Since I can remember, my family has put everything else on hold so that we can drink cocoa, eat cookies, and hang our ornaments. Now that I'm on my own I still continue that tradition with my own tree with some new twists. Decorating fiend that I am, my tree has to fit perfectly with the rest of my apartment, my presents, and perhaps my outfit too. So here are a few ideas to make your tree truly sparkle.

picture from Pottery Barn

For a traditional tree with style, keep things simple. Opt for a few strands of white lights instead of lights, popcorn, tinsel, etc. Solid ball ornaments are a great and inexpensive base. Accent with more elaborate ornaments. My favorite are Christopher Radko's designs. Thanks to my mom, I have quite a collection of them.

picture from Jonathan Fong Style
For a modern domicile, make your tree monchromatic. Pick a color or two and deck your tree out. Extra points if your tree matches the ornaments. Add things like ribbon and pearl strands. Don't forget to coordinate your presents. The result? Your tree will look sharp and oh so put together!

Why shouldn't a single girl make her tree ultra feminine while she can? Who am I kidding- rock the pink tree even if your man protests. Pick up a tree in bubblegum aluminum and add shimming orbs and big white lights with a hint of opalescent tinsel. It's the perfect Christmas confection!


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