Brilliant Book of the Week:

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Get your weekly dose of style reading with my Brilliant Book of the Week! Out of the millions of books on the market it can be quite a task deciding between The Best of Martha Stewart Living: How to Decorate and Barnes and Noble's decor bargain books. This weekly posting will help you pick out the best of the best, leaving you with great ideas and (eventually) a beautiful home!

Check it out!
"Styles: Compendium of Interior," written by Francois Baudot.

Not only are the pictures and history excellent but the fact that it was more informative than my History of Interiors textbook at school left me awe-struck. This 432 page book breaks down the history of interior decor from the Medieval era to the twentieth century. This great piece of literature can help place that odd chair sitting in the garage from great Aunt Petunia. Also, it's great for themed decorating--displaying over 250 illustrations to reference. So after using this brilliant book, you'll have knowledge that will knock your neighbors socks off!

Happy reading!!


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