Perivolas Hotel in Santorini

Oh, Greece.... How do I want to visit thee?! The island of Santorini looks to be an absolute paradise and the Perivolas Hotel is perfection in that paradise. The design is so simple and stunning. Every room is so bright and warm not to mention the incredible views of the Aegean Sea. I want to be here, right now and possibly forever. HAPPY WEEKEND!!
(all photos from Home Adore)

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Enjoy up to 50% Off on ALL Leftbank Canvas Art!

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There is a reason it's called a Flash Sale. Starting today through Sunday, October 26th (7 p.m. CST), enjoy savings up to 50% off and free shipping on a wonderfully curated selection of Leftbank Canvas Art. The items included are sold online only and are be estimated to arrive in your home within 3-6 weeks.  You don't have to be a member to enjoy these great savings! You just have to be fast!

9th & Hudson by Jensen C. Vasil

9th & Hudson (by Jensen C. Vasil) is an incredible, four story home in New Jersey. 9th & Hudson is a beautiful balance of dark and light, elegant and easygoing. Each floor has it's own look but perfectly fits and flows from one to the next. Beautiful.
(all photos from Home Adore)

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Carlyle Designs

Jordan Carlyle is no newbie to the interior design game and his designs are clear proof of that. Jordan, and his team at Carlyle Designs, create layered spaces that are sophisticated and full of unique detail. Not afraid of color, prints or something a little quirky, Carlyle Designs create interiors that are very personal and brilliantly executed. Well done!
(all photos from Carlyle Designs)

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The Home of Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery

Give Ellen Pompeo and Martyn Lawrence Bullard a beautiful 1930's Los Angeles house to makeover and the result will be amazing! Pompeo and Bullard took this home, that had lost a bit of it's originality and history over the years and gave it all back with a modern update. Each room feels relaxed but energetic and everything is spectacularly put together. Just beautiful.
(all photos from Architectural Digest)

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Chelsea Chic

Bold and unique design requires a knowledgeable and gentle approach. Luckily, the owners of this Chelsea townhome chose an interior designer who knows how to balance the two. Jordan Carlyle, of Carlyle Designs, helped create a bright and chic home for the couple. Incredible art, patterned wallpapers and eye catching accents make this New York apartment quite the stunner!
(all photos from Domaine Home)

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